Creative food ideas for kids

Got the lunchbox blues? Whether you need inspiration for school snacks or wholesome home food, we’ve found 10 creative food ideas to get your culinary juices flowing (and your kids munching!)

Cheeky apple and marshmallow smiles.

Butterfly snack packs – brilliant for party favours or lunchbox fun.

Banana tortillas – Dora and Boots would approve!

The perfect lunch for a beach picnic: crab croissant.

You could visit the aquarium … or let it come to you!

Squeak, squeak! Jacket potato mice.

Rainbow fruit platter, with a pot of gold at the end (bananas of course – practically worth their weight in gold).

Lady bird, lady bird, fly into my tummy!

Shark watermelon.

And at the other end of the scale … an amazing Three Little Pigs bento. Don’t try this in the morning before school run.


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